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Child Protection Policy

Last Updated: 11/13/2023

1. Introduction

At AVCUF (Antelope Valley Community Uplift Foundation), we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children participating in our programs. This Child Protection Policy outlines our dedication to safeguarding children and preventing any form of harm.

2. Definitions

  • Child: Any individual under the age of 18 years.
  • Staff: Refers to all employees, volunteers, mentors, and anyone associated with AVCUF.

3. Commitment

We are committed to:

  • Child Safety: Ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of children in our care.
  • Prevention: Implementing measures to prevent child abuse, neglect, or harm.
  • Training: Providing staff with appropriate training on child protection.
  • Reporting: Establishing clear procedures for reporting and addressing concerns.

4. Code of Conduct

All staff members are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct that includes:

  • Treating all children with respect and dignity.
  • Avoiding any form of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse.
  • Reporting any concerns or suspicions of child abuse immediately.

5. Reporting Procedure

  • Anyone who suspects child abuse or harm should report it to the designated Child Protection Officer or supervisor.
  • Reports will be treated confidentially and investigated promptly.

6. Background Checks

All staff and volunteers working with children must undergo background checks, including criminal history checks.

7. Training

  • Staff members will receive training on child protection and recognize signs of abuse.
  • Training will be periodically refreshed.

8. Supervision

  • Adequate supervision will be provided during all program activities to ensure child safety.

9. Communication

Parents or guardians will be informed of our Child Protection Policy, and any concerns regarding their child’s safety will be addressed promptly.

10. Review

This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

For any questions or concerns related to our Child Protection Policy, please contact us at