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Enhancing Antelope Valley

At the Antelope Valley Community Uplift Foundation, we're dedicated to making a positive impact in the Antelope Valley. Our services include community outreach, educational programs, and support for local initiatives. We believe in building a stronger, more connected community by fostering a sense of belonging, providing resources, and encouraging everyone to actively participate in the betterment of our beloved Antelope Valley. Together, we can create a brighter future for all residents. Join us in this journey to uplift our community.

Empowering Antelope Valley

Impactful Initiatives

Join us in building a brighter future for the Antelope Valley community. Explore our initiatives and learn how you can get involved as a volunteer. Together, we can make a difference.

Mentor Program

Adopt a Family

Community Baby Shower

STEM Education Program

Father’s Day Kickball Game

Parenting Classes

After-School Enrichment Program





AVCUF Volunteer Training Protocols:

• AVCUF is a volunteer organization with a rigorous screening process, including a background check.
Volunteers must attend a mandatory orientation covering the following topics:
• De-escalation Techniques
• Mandated Reporting
• First Aid / CPR Certification (Required)
• Appropriate Mentor/Mentee Interactions
• Special Needs Training
• Autism Awareness

AVCUF Facilitators

Our workshops are led by volunteer facilitators who are actively enrolled in college. This unique approach serves a dual purpose: bridging the generation gap and fostering a deeper understanding and connection between our mentors and the young participants. These college students bring fresh perspectives, a relatable outlook, and a shared proximity in age with the youth we serve. This dynamic can break down barriers that sometimes exist between different generations. It creates an environment where our mentors can connect with the younger participants on a more personal level, making the learning experience more engaging and effective.

avcuf x lancaster ca

This past summer, we teamed up to organize a remarkable skate event that brought our community together, showcasing the vibrant spirit and talents of our local youth.